​​​​​​​Debra S. Katz Statement Regarding Cuomo Impeachment Investigation Report

Attorney Debra Katz, representing client Charlotte Bennett, issued a statement today following the New York State Assembly Judiciary Committee’s release of the impeachment investigation report produced by Davis Polk & Wardell LLP.

“Once again, independent investigators who examined extensive evidence and conducted dozens of interviews reached the undeniable conclusion that then-Governor Andrew Cuomo used his office to sexually harass staffers, including Ms. Bennett and her former colleagues.  His desperate, shameful attempts to smear our client in an effort to silence and discredit her did not work.

We assume that Rita Glavin, on behalf of Andrew Cuomo, will be holding a press conference to accuse the Judiciary Committee and its independent investigators of launching a politically motivated attack against her client. Such attempts to evade the truth are petty and will not work. The Judiciary Committee’s findings are clear: Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed staffers, used state resources to line his pockets at the expense of New Yorkers’ lives, and doctored COVID-19 numbers to hide his egregious shortcomings.

We don’t need another press conference from Rita Glavin or her client. Andrew Cuomo is a corrupt sexual harasser, and he’s been caught. Rather than funding more PR spins and calculating future opportunities in New York State politics, he should use his campaign funds to demonstrate his remorse -- assuming he’s capable of such a feeling. Of this, we’ve yet to see any evidence.”