Alexis Ronickher Authors Cybersecurity and Pharma Article for Cafepharma

Katz, Marshall & Banks partner Alexis Ronickher authored an article for CafePharma titled, “Cybersecurity, Pharma, and Whistleblowing.”

Big Pharma is no stranger to cyber-attacks. In 2017, Merck was victimized by malicious malware that locked its computers and resulted in forced work and factory stoppages that cost the company an estimated $1.3 billion. While less catastrophic, Bayer, Charles River Laboratories, and Roche have all confirmed that they were impacted by cyber-attacks.

With this in mind, Ms. Ronickher emphasizes the importance of raising concerns about cyber vulnerabilities before they’re exploited by bad actors, and details the over half-dozen laws and statutes that protect cyber whistleblowers from retaliation. Often these laws apply because a company has either misrepresented its cybersecurity capabilities to the public or to the government.

Finally, Ms. Ronickher suggests steps to safely blow the whistle and best protect oneself from retaliation – or litigation against oneself – and discusses whistleblower reward programs that cyber whistleblowers can potentially benefit from.

Read the full article here.