Alexis Ronickher Quoted on the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team’s Equal Pay Lawsuit

Katz, Marshall & Banks partner Alexis Ronickher was quoted in a Law360 article previewing important California court cases in 2020.

For years the U.S. Soccer Federation has resisted calls to provide the women’s team with the same wages and working conditions as the men’s team. The public fight became official when a group of players filed a complaint with the EEOC in 2016. Last November, a judge certified two classes of soccer players – one for injunctive relief and one for damages. The case is set to go to a jury trial in May 2020.

Ms. Ronickher believes that this lawsuit has helped rejuvenate the interest in pay equity issues in sports.

“The lawsuit I think is a very great frontal attack on the whole regime. And the U.S. Women’s Team is the best vehicle for that given their great success.”

And even though this case has unique facts, the case law created could apply to other pay equity issues brought on classwide bases. 

“It’ll be interesting to see on the merits of it on the equal work being formed. That will be critical.”

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