Alexis Ronickher Quoted in the Washington Post

Katz, Marshall & Banks partner Alexis Ronickher was quoted in a Washington Post article, “As workplaces reopen, coronavirus could unleash an ‘avalanche’ of lawsuits over family leave, discrimination.”

Stephanie Jones is a single mother in Pennsylvania, and until recently was an employee of Eastern Airlines. Jones sought leave from her employer through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), which temporarily expanded paid sick leave and family medical leave to those affected by the pandemic. Three days later, Eastern Airlines fired her. Jones then filed the first known lawsuit under the FFCRA.

As the pandemic continues, many legal experts expect these problems to lead to many more Coronavirus-related lawsuits, such as the one filed by Jones.  

While some states are tentatively allowing more businesses and public areas to open, all signs point to most schools remaining closed indefinitely, forcing working parents – especially mothers – across the country to carefully balance child care and job-related responsibilities.

“As school closures continue, the fragile safety net people have cobbled together will start to fray,” said Ms. Ronickher. “My expectation is we’ll start to see a lot more problems for caregivers and very much expect them to have a disproportionate effect on women.”

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