Avi Kumin Featured in Local News Investigative Report

Senior partner Avi Kumin was recently featured in News4 Nashville investigative segment, "Williamson County deputy keeps job, retains rank despite sexual harassment complaints by six women."  

The segment detailed allegations of sexual harassment made by six female employees of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office against Sgt. Chris Gray. Although the Sheriff’s Office found that some of the claims were substantiated, Sgt. Gray was only suspended for five days without pay and required to attend sexual harassment training. Mr. Kumin said that the allegations establish a pattern, and that Sgt. Gray’s punishment is troubling.

“[The women] corroborate each other’s allegations. It’s clear that they’re not coordinating,” Mr. Kumin said. “I think [this punishment] sends a message that [the department] will tolerate a certain amount of sexual harassment.”

Watch the full segment here.