Capitol Tunnel Workers Have Lung Disease

NBC Nightly News airs news story about U.S. Capitol Tunnel Workers, who are represented by KMB's David J. Marshall and Nicole J. Williams, and by the Government Accountability Project, in complaint against the Architect of the Capitol over asbestos exposure and retaliation. Investigative Reporter Lisa Myers and Producer Rich Gardella report that AOC management waited nine years after learning of asbestos to require tunnel workers to wear respirators. Marshall calls AOC's conduct "absolutely shocking."

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At Murray's Urging, Architect of the Capitol Pulls Out All Workers from Asbestos Infested Tunnels
In response to demand from Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), the Architect of the Capitol removes the U.S. Capitol tunnel crew from asbestos-infested utility tunnels. Sen. Murray's Press Release announcing this development contains links to tunnel crew supervisor John Thayer's testimony at a Senate hearing on Murray's bill to ban asbestos from use in U.S. industry. In later comments to the press, Thayer and Marshall express concern that the Architect of the Capitol take this opportunity to retaliate further against the workers by assigning them to undesirable jobs.

Workers Transferred From Hill Tunnels
Ten workers who spent years, even decades, working in asbestos-laden utility tunnels under the Capitol complex were reassigned yesterday because of concerns for their health.

Amid Asbestos Concerns, AoC Pulls Workers from Tunnels
In the wake of congressional pressure and revelations of intensifying asbestos-related health problems, the Architect of the Capitol (AoC) announced yesterday that some Capitol Power Plant tunnel workers who have been exposed to asbestos are being reassigned to other duties.

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