Debra Katz Criticizes Cuomo Attorney’s Latest Attacks

Founding partner Debra Katz recently criticized new attacks against KMB client Charlotte Bennett made by Rita Glavin, an attorney for former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Ms. Bennett came forward earlier this year with allegations that then-Gov. Cuomo had sexually harassed her. An investigation by the state Attorney General's office substantiated her allegations. Recently, in a letter to the state assembly, Ms. Glavin claimed that the investigation’s final report excluded crucial facts that she believes undermine Ms. Bennett’s credibility. In response, Ms. Katz called the accusation “false, defamatory, and disgusting.”

“[Ms. Glavin’s] exclusive reliance on an unidentified witness whose allegations crumble under even the lightest scrutiny is particularly troubling,” Katz said. “Her client must be desperate to authorize this type of gutter ball. We are confident the committee will see through this transparent effort to smear a highly credible woman whose courage in coming forward led to the governor’s downfall.”

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