Debra Katz Discusses Forced Arbitration Tracking with the Washington Post

Katz, Marshall & Banks partner Debra Katz was quoted in the Washington Post article, “New database aims to expose companies that make employees arbitrate sexual harassment claims.”

A few years ago, activist Shannon Coulter started the “#GrabYourWallet campaign” by compiling information on businesses that carried products from Trump family businesses, and urging followers to boycott retailers that were listed on her spreadsheet. Now Coulter is attempting to pressure a different set of companies – those that utilize forced arbitration provisions in their employment contracts.

As of publication, Coulter has gathered information from about 130 of the 500 companies she contacted. By making their practices public, Coulter hopes more employers will revise how they handle discrimination and harassment cases.

“Mandatory arbitration favors corporations, favors repeat players that hire arbitrators [and] the likelihood of prevailing is far less for individuals,” explains Ms. Katz.

And while allowing employees to opt out of such agreements may seem like a favorable development, doing so could be a risky move. “Your employer may perceive you as a risk of being someone who is litigious. You could be perceived to be a troublemaker.”

Coulter hopes that her consumer pressure helps eliminate mandatory arbitration as the corporate standard.

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