Debra Katz Speaks about Weinstein’s Conviction

Katz, Marshall & Banks partner Debra Katz spoke about Monday’s verdict that found disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein guilty of two felony sex crimes – one count of third-degree rape and one count of first-degree criminal sexual assault.

Ms. Katz described to the New York Times the tension in the courtroom and the relief she felt once the first count of guilty was announced. “I felt some measure of justice had been done. He is now a convicted rapist. It was an extraordinary moment of social reckoning.”

Looking at what this means in the context of the #MeToo movement, Ms. Katz told the Los Angeles Times that Weinstein’s prosecution is a “sea change.”

“This is a direct reflection of societal changes since #MeToo took place. The New York D.A. chose to bring this case and charge Mr. Weinstein with the most serious of felonies. As a result of this societal reckoning, we are bringing people to account when they assault women.”

Weinstein was immediately remanded to custody, and is currently awaiting his sentencing. He is also facing separate rape and sexual assault charges in Los Angeles.

In an interview alongside Dawn Dunning, one of the women who testified at the Weinstein trial, for CNN's New Day, Ms. Katz said, "Harvey Weinstein needs to get acclimated to the fact that his life is no longer his own. He is in custody. He's a convicted rapist. He's going to jail."

Read the New York Times article here, and Los Angeles Times here. Listen to Ms. Katz discuss the verdict on NPR's 1A here.

You can watch the full CNN interview below.