Debra Katz Weighs in on Cuomo Investigation

Katz, Marshall & Banks senior partner Debra Katz was recently quoted in the New York Times article, “After Cuomo’s Closest Aides Testify, Now It’s His Turn.”

After KMB client Charlotte Bennett’s allegations of sexual harassment against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo were first reported by the New York Times, the state attorney general’s office announced that it was opening a full investigation into the governor’s actions. Now, after investigators have spoken with some of Cuomo’s closest aides and announced plans to interview the governor himself, it has become apparent that the inquiry is no longer focused solely on Cuomo’s individual actions.

“Clearly they are looking, in a very broad sense, at the issues of workplace culture and whether the governor maintained a sexually hostile work environment, which is clearly against the law,” Ms. Katz said. “We hope and expect that they will be equally rigorous in the questioning of the governor, who has a lot of explaining to do.”

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