Full Statement From Debra S. Katz Regarding Cuomo Attorneys’ Press Conference

Attorney Debra Katz, representing Charlotte Bennett, released the following statement today after Governor Andrew Cuomo’s attorneys held a press conference in response to the release of the Attorney General’s comprehensive and detailed investigative report, which concluded the Governor engaged in sexual harassment in violation of state and federal law.  

“In this afternoon’s press conference, the Governor’s attorneys did the only thing they could do in response to the Attorney General’s scathing indictment of their client’s illegal behavior: they attacked the integrity of the Attorney General’s report and even impugned the investigators—two highly respected attorneys who are preeminent in their fields—themselves. 

In February, when Charlotte Bennett first detailed the Governor’s sexual harassment of her and other women began coming forward with their own detailed accounts, the Governor asked the public to wait until they “had the facts” to draw conclusions about Ms. Bennett’s and the other women’s allegations against him. The Attorney General’s 168-page report, which contains more than 1100 citations to documents, audio recordings, interview transcripts, and other evidence, speaks for itself: the Governor sexually harassed Ms. Bennett and the ten other complainants, repeatedly and over a period of multiple years, in violation of state and federal law. 

The Governor’s continuing refusal to accept responsibility for his actions demonstrates his disdain for the rule of law, including the sexual harassment law he signed into effect with great fanfare, and his fundamental unfitness for the office he holds. The Governor has made clear he will continue his fight to stay in power, caring not at all about the people he has hurt and the consequences of his actions. It is time for the Assembly to act. Further delay is an affront to the women who came forward and to survivors everywhere.”