Jessica Westerman Featured in Local News Segment About Cuomo Report

Senior associate Jessica Westerman was recently featured in a Spectrum News segment discussing the potential for criminal charges against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo after multiple allegations of sexual harassment were substantiated by the state attorney general’s report. 

In the report, investigators detailed a pattern of harassment that they say broke multiple state and federal laws. However, legal commentators caution that bringing a criminal case could be difficult due to the high burden of proof required. Additionally, criminal charges might bring harsh scrutiny and backlash toward Cuomo’s accusers, who Ms. Westerman says have already faced retaliation for coming forward.  

 “There’s always that fear there will be efforts to discredit you and discredit allegations by dredging up bad facts about you,” said Ms. Westerman, who represents Cuomo accuser Charlotte Bennett. 

 Watch the full segment here.