Joseph Abboud Discusses Yik Yak’s Return to the App Store

Senior associate Joseph Abboud recently spoke with The Chronicle of Higher Education about the return of the controversial social media platform Yik Yak in the article, “What Colleges Should Know About the New Yik Yak.” 

With the announcement of Yik Yak’s return after a five-year hiatus, many are concerned that the app’s new moderation features won’t be enough to curb the harassment, cyberbullying, and violent threats that led to its initial shutdown in 2017. Mr. Abboud, who previously represented several individuals in a lawsuit related to threats made on Yik Yak, said that the app’s overall design is inherently problematic. 

“It just invites students to put out their worst and most extreme thoughts, because they feel that they are protected by anonymity, but they also know that they’re going to have an audience of people who are familiar with what’s going on in the community,” Mr. Abboud said. 

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