KMB Representing Former University of Miami School of Law Dean Anthony Varona

Katz, Marshall & Banks is representing Tony Varona, who was fired from his post as Dean of the University of Miami law school Tuesday on May 25, 2021, a move that sparked outrage among faculty, students, alumni and Deans and faculty members in law schools across the United States.

President Julio Frenk did not offer clear reasons for terminating Varona, other than allusions to fundraising and a drop in the law school’s U.S. News & World Reports ranking – concerns that have been dismissed by professors and prominent alumni as sufficient reasons to make such a dramatic change in leadership.

Debra Katz called the move, “not only an egregious violation of Tony Varona’s legal rights but also an assault on longstanding and important principles of faculty governance and administrative due process.”

Tenured faculty members quickly wrote President Frenk, and demanded a meeting with Frenk, the provost of the school, and the Board of Trustees to protest the decision.

“I am moved by the large outpouring of support from many colleagues, students, alumni and friends, in South Florida and across the nation,” Mr. Varona said. “I remain stunned by my baseless termination, disturbed by how I have been mistreated, and concerned by how all of this will affect our great law school and university.”

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