Lisa Banks and Debra Katz on Misstatements from Roger Goodell on Confidentiality Concerns of Releasing the WFT Investigation Report

WASHINGTON, DC – In response to Commissioner Goodell’s inaccurate claims about the National Football Team’s (NFL) response to the Washington Football Team (WFT) investigation, Lisa Banks and Debra Katz sent a letter to Commissioner Goodell once again asking for transparency and the public release of the report’s findings. Banks and Katz are the attorneys representing 40 former Washington Football Team Employees who participated in the investigation. 

In this letter, Banks and Katz clarify that their clients participated in the investigation with the understanding and hope that it would result in meaningful action to hold accountable those who were responsible, including Dan Snyder, for 20 years of sexual harassment and abuse within the WFT. They write: 

You have chosen to hide behind the “incredibly brave” women and men who came forward to try to justify your decision to protect the WFT and Dan Snyder from whatever is contained in those findings. You have misrepresented the wishes of our clients, and likely those of the other women and men who came forward, to justify your decision to bury what we know would be a damning report, having sat through dozens of interviews. Our clients came forward with details of the harassment and abuse that they suffered with the reasonable expectation that they and the public would be provided with the findings of the 10-month-long investigation.

Commissioner Goodell’s claim that it would be “difficult” to produce such a report because of some participants’ desire for confidentiality is also false. Many reports, including the 168-page report issued in August by New York Attorney General Letitia James regarding the allegations of sexual harassment against former Governor Andrew Cuomo, have shown that it is possible to publicly release findings while omitting, redacting or anonymizing names when needed.  

Banks and Katz continue: “Our clients do not wish any further ‘protection’ from you by withholding this report.  Instead, they urge you to receive a written report of the findings of the investigation from Beth Wilkinson, take whatever steps are necessary to ensure the confidentiality for those who desire it, and make that report public forthwith.”

The full letter can be found here

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