Lisa Banks Discusses Potential Retaliation Against Facebook Whistleblower

Founding partner Lisa Banks recently discussed the potential for retaliation against Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen in interviews with multiple news outlets. 

Haugen, who recently revealed her identity on 60 Minutes, is an ex-Facebook employee who provided internal documents to the Wall Street Journal that reportedly show that the tech giant lied about its ability to combat hate, violence, and misinformation on its platform. As she prepares to testify before Congress regarding Facebook’s conduct, debates have begun regarding what actions, if any, the company may take to retaliate against her. While there are laws in place to protect whistleblowers who work with regulators or lawmakers, Ms. Banks says that the same protections don’t always exist for those who share information with the media.  

“When you go to the press, when you hand the Wall Street Journal thousands of documents, that’s a little riskier,” Ms. Banks said. “But sometimes it’s necessary, because what a whistleblower is trying to do is expose serious wrongdoing in the hopes that change can be effected.”

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