Teen Workplace Harassment & the Foley Scandal - The Untold Story

Ms. Magazine publishes an article by Debra S. Katz and Justine Andronici regarding the sexual harassment of teenage workers and the Mark Foley scandal, titled "Teen Workplace Harassment & The Foley Scandal - The Untold Story" (October 2006). Ms. Katz and Ms. Andronici write that "the partisan game of "gotcha" politics is in full swing with the Mark Foley scandal occupying center stage. Unfortunately, in this political drama that has overtaken Washington, an issue of critical importance has been overlooked. Republican leaders who were given strong indications that something was gravely amiss in the interactions between Congressman Foley and the Congressional pages, failed miserably in their legal obligations to protect their young employees from sexual harassment. In this respect, Congress joins the ranks of many of the nation's leading retail and food service establishments - workplaces where teens have been subjected to harassment with impunity in what has increasingly become a vile rite of passage for youth joining the American workforce."

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