Debra Katz and Colleen Coveney Publish Article on Title IX Enforcement on College Campuses

Katz, Marshall & Banks partner Debra Katz and associate Colleen Coveney published an article in Law360 on June 20, 2016, entitled “Title IX Enforcement: A Lack of Institutional Support.” The article discusses how the events that led Baylor University to remove its president, Ken Starr, and head football coach Art Briles reflect a broader trend of colleges “turning the blind eye” to evidence of sexual assault. A lack of institutional support for Title IX and other laws intended to protect women from sexual violence has played a significant factor in sustaining an epidemic of sexual violence on college campuses. The article analyzes how a stronger commitment to Title IX enforcement could help improve educational conditions for women attending universities across the country.  It also highlights the important role that university employees play in ensuring full and effective compliance with Title IX and the robust legal protections available to these employees if they suffer adverse actions for their efforts to combat sex discrimination at their institution. 

Click the link above to view the article on Law360 or access a PDF version of the article here.